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Audi e-tron GCC Specification | Middle East – Review

Audi e-tron GCC Specification | Middle East – Review

Electrifyingly fun to drive.

With its combination of electric drive and a comfortable, sophisticated interior, the Audi e-tron creates a new sense of mobility. Now you can enjoy fully electric driving without having to compromise.

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Powerful dynamic with electric drive

Two electric motors drive the Audi e-tron powerfully. They quickly accelerate the electric SUV from zero to 100 km/h. The start-off performance is comparable to that of a sports car. The new electric all-wheel drive system provide for optimal traction and handling in all driving situations. Thus, the Audi e-tron is not only practical for everyday use, but also very maneuverable and agile when driving off-road. The quattro drive can be switched on as required – the results are a situation-specific torque distribution, flexible control of the axle moments and fun to drive on any terrain.

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move: the charging concepts

Audi offers various solutions for charging at home. The standard mobile charging system can be used with either a 230 volt household outlet or a 400 volt three-phase outlet. The optional “connect” charging system doubles the charging power to as much as 22 kW. Combined with a home energy management system, it offers intelligent functions such as charging when electricity is less expensive or with solar electricity if the home is equipped with a photo voltaic system. You can control all charging processes as well as pre-heating/pre-cooling via your smartphone with the myAudi app.

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Traction test

The new electric all-wheel drive system combined with cutting-edge suspension solutions provide for optimal traction and handling in all driving situations and any weather.

Temperature test

The thermal management system also ensures that the battery is kept within its optimal efficiency range of 25 to 35° Celsius in all situations, from a cold start in winter to fast highway driving on hot summer days.

Battery test

The cell modules in the Audi e-tron can reproducible discharge and charge electricity over a broad temperature and charge status window. Their cell chemistry makes them able to withstand higher thermal loads and less reactive than round cells, so that even if severely damaged the risk of fire is minimal.

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