New Mitsubishi Pajero Specifications – UAE – GCC


The ultimate performance and high quality features in one package. The one-and-only all-round SUV of it’s kind, the new Mitsubishi Pajero will satisfy your driving desire in any scene, riding the city streets, cruising the night out on the town, or diving into the wild off-road. Experience a whole new level of exclusive – a promise of a life, bold and beautiful.


Mitsubishi’s advanced control technologies were first conceived and developed to meet the challenges of the world’s most gruel-ling rally courses. AWC  incorporates many of these rally-proven technologies to deliver precise traction, power and slip control for each wheel independently to ensure complete driver control in extreme conditions.


As soon as you are behind the wheel, relaxing in the soft, luxurious leather seating, high above everyone else on the road, you will get an imposing and impressive view on life. Every single detail within its refined interior reflects Mitsubishi Pajero’s quality with premium leather upholstery, powerful Rockford Acoustic Design premium sound system and versatile seating and storage options for work, fun or daily life. Mitsubishi Pajero makes sure that long drives are very comfortable for driver and passengers.

Mitsubishi Pajero New Exterior

Mitsubishi Pajero New Interior

Comfortable and inviting, the interior of Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero is a far cry from the terrain it was designed to face. Illuminated meters and leather-wrapped controls are all ergonomically arranged and awaiting your command, while the soft leather seats and luxurious appointments throughout tempt you to forget your destination and simply keep driving.


3.8L 24-Valve V6 SOHC MIVECPajero’s 3.8-liter engine puts an incredible 250PS* at your command ensuring that you’ll never be short on power. The new MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing Electronic Control) system varies the inlet valve timing and lift to optimize engine output across more of the rev range. The net result is enjoyment of the full potential this powerhouse has to offer, with quicker starting response and sure, confident cruising performance. *5-Door 5 AT models.

3.5L 24-Valve V6 SOHCThe 3.5-liter V gasoline engine delivers an incredible amount of output power for high-range cruising on the open highway, while still providing plenty of torque to give you an ample pulling capability when hauling heavy loads ot help you get through rough driving conditions with confidence. The ECI-MULTI electronically controlled fuel injection system maximizes intake efficiency to produce more complete combustion, resulting in fewer emissions and giving you even, responsive acceleration you can depend on at any speed. And the single overhead camshaft design reduces engine vibration and mechanical noise for a smooth and quiet ride.

INVECS-II AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION INVECS-II studies driving habits and complements them. Optimum Shift Control analyses conditions and driving style, comparing them to its database of shift patterns to balance power, control and efficiency. Adaptive shift control studies acceleration and brake timing, then learns to anticipate driver actions.

SPORTS MODE FOR ATStandard on all AT models, Sports Mode delivers the excitement of a manual shift while still providing the convenience of an automatic. Changing gears for enhanced response and performance with just a touch of the shifter, Sports Mode reminds you of what driving was like back when you first learned how.


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